The Scandal the Administration Won’t Address Will Have You Questioning Everything

The Biden administration is facing demands for transparency regarding the Chinese spy balloon incident, which has sparked national security concerns.

Republican lawmakers have accused the administration of a cover-up after unanswered questions were posed regarding the spy vessel’s entry into U.S. airspace. The collected intelligence primarily included electronic signals, which can come from weapons systems or base personnel communications.

Despite being shot down, the vessel had collected intelligence from several sensitive American military sites. The White House and Pentagon have been unable to confirm whether the balloon had gathered intelligence and fed it back to China in real time.

Republican Senator Steve Daines has introduced a bill to require a gap analysis of NORAD capabilities to analyze whether there are any missing components necessary to identify potential threats from foreign aerial objects entering U.S. airspace.

This incident is a significant national security breach that demands accountability and transparency from the Biden administration. It is essential to ensure that this never happens again.