The Ratings Sensation, You’ll Not be SURPRISED By Which News Show is Turning Heads

Once again, Fox News has shown its might, triumphing over rival cable news channels MSNBC and CNN, with combined total viewership numbers leaving them in the dust.

Thursday’s ratings showed Fox News amassing an incredible 1.54 million total day viewers and 178,000 demo viewers, seizing the top spot.

In comparison, MSNBC managed to draw in an average of 852,000 total day viewers and 90,000 demo viewers, while CNN lagged even further behind, with a mere 403,000 total day viewers and 78,000 demo viewers.

Other conservative channels, such as Newsmax and NewsNation, followed in the ranking.

Fox News’s prime-time shows, starting with “The Five,” blew the competition out of the water.

Tucker Carlson’s show, in particular, garnered a staggering 3.09 million total viewers and 365,000 in the 25-54 demo last week, making it the highest-rated program in all of the cable news.

These impressive figures allowed Carlson to triple MSNBC’s viewership and sextuple that of CNN.