The President’s health status at age 80 raises questions, comments from medical professionals.

According to polls, many Americans are wary about voting the country’s first octogenarian president again, and some Democrats in Congress have even urged Biden not to run.

Last year, as President Biden veered between economic and international problems, his advisers started to struggle in private with a more personal matter.

Voters often raised the same issue in internal polls: the president’s advanced age. Additionally, words like “age” and “Is he with it?” appeared in huge letters in word clouds made by independent pollsters, indicating that such concerns were among the most often expressed by Americans.

Since he started running for president in 2019 and throughout his first two years in office, concerns have existed regarding Biden’s physical and mental health. But as Biden approaches his 80th birthday on November 20 and maybe announces a reelection candidacy soon after, the United States is moving into uncharted terrain.

Ronald Reagan, the previous oldest president, retired at age 77 and was widely regarded at the time as exceeding the legal retirement age. Biden would be 82 years old during his inauguration in 2025 and 86 years old at the end of a second term if he campaigns for and is elected to another term.

Biden’s route to a reelection campaign has been made easier by the Democrats’ stronger-than-expected showing in the midterm elections, while advisers claim no decision has been made. According to sources inside and outside of the White House, this has forced officials to look immediately, though subtly, for the best methods to repel criticism and eliminate the age problem in voters’ minds.

The emerging White House approach calls for highlighting Biden’s ability to think on his feet when addressing voters, expanding his travel to show his vitality, and emphasizing his accomplishments as proof that he is capable of handling the position. Some friends are pressuring the White House to take more action, such as presenting a video of Biden leading meetings off-camera, when they claim his acumen is more obvious.

According to medical documents and conversations with more than a dozen persons who routinely deal with Biden, aside from modest physical changes, he has displayed little, if any, symptoms of deterioration. Since the 2020 election, the president’s walk has grown “stiffer and less fluid,” according to Kevin O’Connor, Biden’s doctor, emphasizing a case of spine arthritis and the lingering consequences of a foot fracture.

O’Connor stated in the medical documents, which were made public about a year ago, that Biden was “fit for duty” and able to carry out his duties without difficulty. According to the study, Biden has a history of atrial fibrillation, uses blood thinners, and takes medications for reflux, seasonal allergies, and cholesterol that have led to chronic coughing and throat clearing.