The New Face Threatening To Overtake The 2024 Race

In a recent survey by Virginia Commonwealth University, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis emerges as a formidable challenger against President Biden in the 2024 elections. The poll shows DeSantis leading over former President Donald Trump in a hypothetical match-up. While Trump garners 40% of the vote in a 2022 rematch, Biden has 43% support. However, when DeSantis faces Biden, both lock in 41% support.

Key Takeaways:

DeSantis gains traction in potential 2024 showdown against Biden.
Majority of respondents disapprove of Biden’s handling of the presidency.
Virginia’s upcoming statewide election sees potential support for Governor Youngkin.
Republicans must rally behind candidates who prioritize conservative values.
Voters demand leadership and representation of their interests, regardless of party.

The survey results are encouraging for Republicans, showcasing Governor DeSantis as a strong contender against President Biden. The data reflects dissatisfaction with Biden’s policies, opening an opportunity for Republicans to capitalize on this sentiment.

With the 2024 elections on the horizon, the party must unite behind candidates who champion conservative principles and ensure voters’ voices are heard. It’s time for Republicans to seize this moment and work towards a brighter future for America, one that upholds liberty, prosperity, and the values we hold dear.

Source Fox News