The Narrative Continues To Shatter: What’s Next?

Devon Archer, a longtime friend and former Burisma board member alongside Hunter Biden, faced a House committee interview to shed light on President Biden’s alleged involvement in his son’s business dealings. Archer remained silent during the interview, leaving room for speculation and anticipation among passionate Republican voters.


Archer’s silence raises questions about the extent of President Biden’s involvement with Hunter’s business deals during his vice presidency.
Republicans view the interview as a significant development in uncovering the truth behind Hunter Biden’s business dealings and the potential impact on the President’s credibility.
Despite previous sentencing, Archer’s interview was postponed, suggesting further legal battles and complexities surrounding the case.
The House Oversight Committee’s commitment to pursuing the truth is celebrated as a “”big win for the rule of law”” by Republicans.
Miranda Devine’s reports indicate that Archer’s testimony might reveal details about Hunter introducing his father to foreign business partners during their time at Rosemont Seneca Partners.


The interview with Devon Archer marks a critical moment in the ongoing scrutiny of Hunter Biden’s business affairs and their implications on President Biden’s reputation. Republican voters eagerly await the revelation of any potential links between the President and his son’s business dealings.

The gravity of this situation demands a thorough and impartial investigation to ensure transparency and uphold the principles of justice.

As more pieces of the puzzle come to light, it is crucial to remain vigilant and let the truth prevail, regardless of political affiliations. This investigation must proceed without bias, and all Americans should prioritize the rule of law and accountability in our leaders.

Source Fox News