The Irony Behind Wise’s Approach To Hunter’s Case

Federal prosecutor Leo Wise is facing criticism for what many perceive as a lenient prosecution of Hunter Biden regarding tax and gun charges. This leniency is further highlighted by a “”sweetheart deal”” that would’ve allowed Hunter to sidestep serious allegations. However, Judge Maryellen Noreika intervened, questioning the deal’s constitutionality.


Leo Wise’s recent approach to Hunter Biden’s case is seen as unusually lenient.
Hunter’s deal would’ve allowed him to acknowledge minor tax evasion charges, avoiding a more serious gun charge.
Legal experts have termed the deal a “”sweetheart arrangement.””
Judge Maryellen Noreika has raised questions regarding the deal’s constitutionality.
Wise’s current stance starkly contrasts his earlier reputation for relentless prosecution.


It’s disconcerting to witness the potential machinations of political power impacting the course of justice. While Hunter Biden’s dealings have been a point of contention, the expectation remains that the legal system should operate without bias. Wise’s sudden shift in prosecutorial vigor is perplexing and warrants closer scrutiny.

Source Fox News