The Invisible Grandchild in the Biden Family

The controversy surrounding President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and his unacknowledged daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, has sparked a heated debate. While President Biden proudly claims to be close with his grandchildren, he fails to acknowledge the existence of his seventh grandchild.

Democratic strategist Jessica Tarlov argues that the president should have addressed this issue head-on and emphasized the importance of recognizing Navy Joan as part of the family. Co-hosts on “”The Five”” express their disappointment in President Biden’s lack of empathy and his failure to live up to his campaign promises. The situation highlights deeper issues within the Biden family and raises concerns about transparency and integrity.


President Biden’s silence on Navy Joan Roberts raises questions about his commitment to his own family and the values he claims to hold.
The Bidens’ failure to acknowledge Navy Joan undermines their supposed empathy and compassion.
Recognizing Navy Joan as part of the family could have garnered understanding from the American people.
The controversy exposes a discrepancy between President Biden’s public persona and his actions in his personal life.
The handling of this situation will reveal the true values that guide the Biden family.


The silence surrounding Navy Joan Roberts is not only a matter of personal family dynamics but also a reflection of President Biden’s character and integrity.

As Republicans, we value transparency and honesty, especially from our leaders. President Biden’s lack of acknowledgment of his own grandchild is concerning, as it raises doubts about his commitment to his family and the principles he espouses.

Furthermore, it is disappointing to witness President Biden fall short of his campaign promises of empathy and restoring normalcy. The American people deserve a leader who can lead by example, showing compassion not just in public speeches but also in his personal relationships. By failing to address this issue directly, President Biden undermines his credibility and raises doubts about his authenticity.

The handling of Navy Joan’s situation goes beyond political considerations. It is a matter of basic human decency and compassion. If the Bidens can accept Hunter despite his troubled past, they should extend the same acceptance and support to Navy Joan. By acknowledging her as part of the family, they would demonstrate their commitment to the values they claim to uphold.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding Navy Joan Roberts highlights the need for transparency and integrity in our leaders. President Biden’s silence on this matter is deeply disappointing and raises concerns about his true character.

The American people deserve a leader who can demonstrate empathy, not just in public rhetoric but also in their personal actions. Only then can we trust that their values align with the principles they espouse.

Source Fox News