The Game Is Changing: Find Out Who’s Shaking Things Up

The Biden administration has unveiled a new hunting and fishing rule that includes a ban on lead ammunition and fishing tackle in eight national wildlife refuges by 2026. While environmental groups applaud the move, hunters are outraged, claiming that it could be an attack on hunting in general.

The administration’s decision has been criticized for lacking scientific evidence and for advancing an anti-gun and anti-hunting agenda.


Hunters and sportsmen strongly oppose the ban on lead ammunition and tackle, viewing it as an attack on their traditions and rights.
The Biden administration is accused of disregarding scientific evidence and bowing to special interests in implementing the restrictions.
The previous hunting and fishing rule only banned lead ammunition in one refuge, raising questions about the sudden expansion.
Hunters argue that the ban will create financial barriers and limit access to public lands for hunting and fishing.
The Protecting Access for Hunters and Anglers Act, introduced by Senator Steve Daines, aims to prevent unsupported lead ammunition or tackle bans.


The Biden administration’s decision to restrict hunters’ equipment is deeply concerning for Republicans and passionate sportsmen. The lack of scientific evidence supporting the ban raises doubts about the true motivations behind these regulations.

By advancing an anti-gun and anti-hunting agenda, the administration is jeopardizing the cherished traditions and rights of hunters across the nation.

It is imperative for Republicans to support legislation that safeguards hunters’ access to public lands and ensures that decisions are based on sound scientific evidence rather than political agendas.

Source Fox News