The FBI is Closing In on Joe Biden: Shocking Raid on University of Delaware Reveals Explosive Findings

As Republican voters, we must be vigilant in ensuring that our leaders are held to the highest standards of transparency and accountability. The recent reports about President Biden’s possession of classified documents during his time as a senator and vice president are deeply concerning and raise serious questions about his fitness for office.

According to CNN, the FBI has conducted two searches at the University of Delaware in recent weeks, in cooperation with the president’s legal team. Materials were recovered during those searches, but apparently, they did not have any classified markings, though the FBI is currently reviewing them.

These searches are just the latest in what is a growing scandal involving Biden, and we cannot afford to let this slide under the rug. Former President Trump was also raided by the FBI in August for allegedly being in possession of classified documents.

However, the difference is that the former president had been reportedly working for months with the National Archives regarding potentially returning the documents, while Biden’s possession of these documents has not been disclosed until now.

It’s not just the possession of the documents that’s concerning; it’s the fact that Biden’s personal attorneys conducting the searches did not have active security clearances. If they identified a document with a classified marking, they stopped and did not review it, which raises questions about why someone without security clearance would be involved in the search for potentially classified documents.

The White House special counsel has released a statement claiming that President Biden’s personal attorneys have followed a process, coordinated with the Archives and the Department of Justice, to review documents at the Penn Biden Center and the President’s Delaware residences. However, it’s unclear why these documents were not handed over to the DOJ immediately upon discovery.

As Republican voters, we cannot sit back and let this slide. We must demand answers and transparency from our leaders, and we must hold them accountable for their actions. The fact that Biden’s possession of these documents has not been disclosed until now is deeply concerning, and it’s a clear sign that we need to continue to push for transparency and accountability at all levels of government.

We also cannot forget that this is just one in a series of scandals involving the Biden administration. From the crisis at the border to rising inflation and the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, there are many reasons to be concerned about the direction our country is headed under this president.

It’s up to us, as passionate Republican voters, to stay informed and engaged, to demand answers and accountability from our leaders, and to continue fighting for the values and principles that make our country great. We cannot afford to let our guard down, and we must stay vigilant in our pursuit of a better, more transparent, and more accountable government.