The Allegation That’s Rocking The White House

House Republicans are contemplating an impeachment inquiry against President Biden over allegations surrounding his son, Hunter Biden. While the Constitution does not explicitly define whether impeachment can be initiated for actions that occurred before assuming the presidency, it empowers Congress to determine impeachable offenses.

An unclassified FBI document has surfaced, suggesting that Joe and Hunter Biden were involved in a “”coercion”” scheme with Burisma Holdings. The investigation is ongoing, and the decision lies with the House of Representatives.


Impeachment is a political, not a legal, process, allowing Congress to decide on impeachable offenses.
The U.S. Constitution does not specify the timeline for alleged actions that trigger impeachment.
Republican leaders are urging for an impeachment inquiry based on the unclassified FBI document’s allegations.
Legal experts have differing opinions on whether abuse of power should occur during the president’s term or beforehand.
As Republicans, we must remain vigilant in safeguarding the integrity of the impeachment process.


As a passionate Republican, I firmly believe that we must approach this potential impeachment inquiry with caution and thorough consideration. The sanctity of the impeachment process is critical to upholding our democracy.

While it is essential to hold our leaders accountable for any wrongdoing, we must not rush into conclusions without substantial evidence. Impeachment should not be used as a political tool, but rather as a means to protect the nation’s interests and the rule of law. We must ensure that any actions taken align with the principles that define our party and our great country.

Source Fox News