Surprising Remarks That Have Everyone Buzzing, You Need To See This

In a fiery commencement address at Howard University, President Joe Biden sparked outrage among conservative Twitter users with his assertion that White supremacy poses the most significant terrorist threat to the United States. Critics argue that Biden used the platform to stoke racial tensions and deepen the divide in our nation.

Speaking at Washington D.C.’s Capital One Arena, Biden addressed the graduating class of the historic Black college, emphasizing the challenges they will face due to the divisions in their own country. However, it was his statement about White supremacy that drew the most ire from conservatives.

Biden’s remarks on White supremacy as the primary threat to the nation, including the graduates’ future, have been met with skepticism. Critics argue that such a claim is an attempt to perpetuate a narrative that inflames racial tensions, rather than fostering unity and understanding.

While Biden attempted to assure the audience that his focus on White supremacy was not merely because he was speaking at a Black school, many conservatives remain unconvinced. They view his remarks as divisive and lacking in substance.

In his speech, Biden acknowledged the historical battle with racism in America, highlighting the country’s struggle to live up to its founding principles of equality. However, conservatives question the motive behind his emphasis on White supremacy, seeing it as a political maneuver rather than a genuine commitment to addressing racial issues.

Conservative Twitter users wasted no time in expressing their dismay. Jon Miltimore, managing editor of the Foundation for Economic Education, pointed out the historical use of racism by the Democratic Party to gain political advantage. Elijah Schaffer, a prominent conservative influencer, criticized Biden for suggesting that White supremacy is the greatest threat to America.

Jake Schneider from RNC Research labeled Biden the “divider-in-chief” for his remarks, and Clay Travis of found the claim completely absurd. Conservatives argue that the focus on White supremacy as the most significant threat reflects a distorted perspective, ignoring other pressing issues facing our nation.

Critics contend that Biden’s divisive rhetoric serves to fuel dangerous racial divisions, accusing him of being propped up by the media as a pathological liar. Miranda Devine, a journalist for the New York Post, summed up the sentiment by describing Biden’s statement as “pure evil.”

In the wake of Biden’s commencement address, conservatives remain skeptical of his commitment to unity and believe his focus on White supremacy is misplaced. The claim that White supremacy represents the most dangerous terrorist threat in America is met with disbelief and condemnation from those who seek a united and inclusive nation.

Source Fox News