South Chicago Locals Fears Obama Library, The Reason Why Will Leave You Infuriated

Residents of South Chicago are being priced out of their homes due to the Obama Presidential Center. Median home prices have doubled, rents have soared, and many residents feel that their voices are not being heard. Despite calls for affordable housing, the Obama Foundation has done little to alleviate concerns.


Obama’s Presidential Center is negatively impacting South Chicago residents
Calls for affordable housing have gone unanswered
Many worry about being priced out of their homes
Higher vacancy rates have created opportunities for developers at the expense of residents
President Obama’s desire to give back to the community is not being felt by South Side residents

It’s disheartening to see that the Obama Presidential Center is causing so much hardship for residents of South Chicago. Despite the foundation’s attempts to quell protests, it seems that little is being done to alleviate concerns.

As Republicans, we should be advocating for policies that benefit all Americans, regardless of their political affiliations. The impact on the South Side community shows that we need to do more to address issues of affordable housing and economic development in underserved communities.