Shocking Texts That Could Change Everything!

The text messages exchanged between Hunter Biden and his former business partner, Devon Archer, in March 2019, reveal the Biden family’s strong bond and their willingness to face challenges together. Despite Archer’s legal troubles, Hunter defended his family, asserting that there was no connection between his father’s administration and Archer’s situation. He highlighted that every president’s family faces scrutiny and emphasized the importance of perseverance and truth in prevailing over adversity.


Biden’s Defense: Hunter Biden stood up for his family, maintaining that the justice system treats all administrations equally and fairly, and their family is not exempt from scrutiny.

The Price of Power: Hunter acknowledged that being part of a powerful family comes with its challenges and that they are always held to a higher standard.

United in Adversity: The text messages showcased the unwavering support and love between the Bidens, emphasizing that they face challenges together.

Understanding and Empathy: Hunter responded to Archer’s struggles with compassion and understanding, showing the depth of their friendship.

Belief in Justice: Despite the unfairness at times, Hunter expressed his confidence in the American justice system, believing that truth prevails in the end.


The exchange of text messages between Hunter Biden and Devon Archer offers a fascinating glimpse into the dynamics of the Biden family. It highlights the strength of their bond and their determination to face challenges unitedly. Hunter’s defense of his family and belief in the justice system exemplify the values they hold dear.

As Republicans, we should recognize the significance of family support and the resilience it brings to overcome obstacles. These text messages remind us that every family, regardless of their position, faces trials and tribulations, and it is our perseverance and belief in the American spirit that will ultimately lead us to success.

Source Fox News