Shocking demand made by popular talk show hosts!

During a recent episode of ABC’s “The View,” co-hosts engaged in a spirited discussion about the need for a constitutional amendment to prevent an incarcerated individual from becoming president.

Whoopi Goldberg expressed concern about former President Donald Trump’s potential candidacy despite facing federal charges. Sunny Hostin supported the idea of an amendment, highlighting its importance. Joy Behar, however, expressed skepticism due to what she viewed as Republicans’ reluctance to hold Trump accountable. The discussion showcased the contrasting perspectives on this matter.


Whoopi Goldberg voiced her concern about the possibility of a jailed president, calling for a constitutional amendment.
Sunny Hostin supported Goldberg’s idea, emphasizing the significance of amending the Constitution to address this issue.
Joy Behar expressed skepticism about the feasibility of an amendment due to what she perceived as Republicans’ unwillingness to hold Trump accountable.
The co-hosts highlighted the deep divide on this topic, illustrating the ongoing debate within the political landscape.
The discussion shed light on the importance of addressing potential challenges posed by incarcerated individuals running for the presidency.

The conversation on “The View” surrounding the potential candidacy of an incarcerated president showcased the contrasting views among the co-hosts. While Goldberg and Hostin called for a constitutional amendment to address this issue, Behar expressed skepticism about the Republicans’ commitment to accountability.

It is evident that this topic raises important questions about the intersection of law, politics, and the presidency. As Republicans and Democrats continue to grapple with these issues, it is crucial to engage in productive conversations to shape the future of our democracy.

SourceĀ Fox News