SHOCKING: Bernie Sanders Criticized By CBS Host For HYPOCRITICAL Move

As Republicans, we know the danger of the socialist policies that Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders has been promoting for years. Yet, the senator has been exposed to hypocrisy in recent weeks, raising questions about his true intentions and commitment to his cause.

During an interview with CBS’s Margaret Brennan, Sanders faced tough questions about selling tickets for $95 for an event promoting his book, which criticizes capitalism.

The senator blamed his publisher, although he could have self-published the book. He also claimed not to be making a profit from the tickets, but that seems highly doubtful.

Furthermore, during President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, Sanders wore a mask, which he claimed was to protect himself and others from Covid-19.

But when Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted a photo of herself and Sanders on social media, Sanders was seen without a mask. This raises questions about the sincerity of his motives and whether he was using the mask as political theater.

Moreover, according to CBS News, if President Biden does not run for re-election, Sanders may run for president again, despite being 81 years old.

Sanders’ close adviser, Faiz Shakir, stated that the senator would “take another look” at a presidential bid if there was an open field. However, Shakir also noted that Sanders would have to evaluate his own “vigor, stamina, and passion” for running again.

All of this begs the question: is Bernie Sanders a true believer in his socialist policies, or is he just another politician seeking personal gain and power?

Sanders has a net worth of $3 million, hardly the image of a “man of the people” fighting against the supposed evils of capitalism. His recent actions suggest that he may not be as committed to his cause as he claims to be.

As Republicans, we know that socialism is a failed ideology that has brought poverty, misery, and suffering wherever it has been tried. We must continue to expose the hypocrisy and lies of politicians like Bernie Sanders, who seek to impose their socialist agenda on the American people.

We must fight to preserve our freedom, our democracy, and our capitalist system, which has made America the greatest country on earth.