Senator Graham vs. Biden, The Jaw-Dropping Afghanistan Report Debate

Senator Lindsey Graham criticized the Biden administration’s Afghanistan report, accusing officials of covering up their mistakes by repeatedly blaming former President Trump and downplaying the risk of terrorism.

Graham warned of a “lethal cocktail” forming in the region, combined with the dangers of open-border policies domestically that could lead to another 9/11 unless leaders reverse course.


Senator Lindsey Graham has criticized the Biden administration’s review of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Graham claimed that the Biden administration’s report said their mission had been accomplished and that they had eradicated all terrorist threats in Afghanistan, which is why President Biden withdrew troops from the country.

Critics like Graham have accused the Biden administration of shifting the blame on the botched withdrawal after the report went public.

The withdrawal, executed in August 2021, was heavily criticized by many for leaving behind U.S. citizens and Afghan allies in the wake of the Taliban’s return to power.