Secrets Behind Closed Doors: What One Insider Knows

Hunter Biden’s close friend and business associate, Devon Archer, is set to testify before the House Oversight Committee, revealing information about the Biden family’s business ventures and potential involvement of President Biden himself. Archer’s knowledge comes from his work alongside Hunter, including roles on the board of Burisma Holdings and co-founding ventures with Hunter and others.

The committee’s investigation has exposed the establishment of numerous companies and receipt of funds from foreign nationals during Joe Biden’s vice presidency. The FD-1023 form, alleging coercion by the Bidens, is another focus. Chairman Comer seeks transparency and accountability as Archer’s testimony promises further insights.


Devon Archer’s testimony could challenge claims of President Biden’s lack of involvement in his family’s business ventures.
The investigation has already revealed the establishment of multiple companies and significant funds received by the Biden family from foreign nationals during Joe Biden’s vice presidency.
The FD-1023 form’s allegations raise concerns about potential coercion by the Bidens in exchange for dismissing an investigating prosecutor.
Archer’s history with Hunter Biden and the business ventures makes his testimony crucial in understanding the Bidens’ financial dealings.
Chairman Comer remains committed to seeking the truth, transparency, and accountability for the American people.


The upcoming testimony of Devon Archer has the potential to expose the Biden family’s business affairs and cast doubt on President Biden’s past statements. It is vital for passionate Republican voters to stay informed and engaged as this investigation unfolds. Chairman Comer’s dedication to pursuing the truth and holding the Bidens accountable should be commended.

The American people deserve transparency and answers, and we must stand united in seeking the facts behind these allegations. Let’s stay vigilant as the truth emerges and continue to demand accountability from our elected officials.

Source Fox News