Rick Scott SLAMS Biden And You’ll Stand And Applaud

Passionate Republican voters have been calling for stronger actions against China for years, and they have found a champion in Senator Rick Scott. Scott has been a vocal critic of the Biden administration’s approach to dealing with China, which he believes is weak and ineffective.

In a recent interview on “Cats Roundtable,” Scott called out President Biden for his inability to stand up to dictators around the world. He went on to say that Communist China has chosen to be our enemy and that the American people deserve a leader who will stand up to evil regimes and put America first.

Scott is not alone in his concerns about China. Republican senators, including Tom Cotton, Ted Budd, and J.D. Vance, have joined him in introducing the China Trade Relations Act. This legislation seeks to end the United States’ decades-long, job-killing free trade status with China, which has been a losing fight for the US for years.

The China Trade Relations Act would give presidential administrations the power to choose whether or not to authorize China’s free trade status with the US. It would also give a majority in Congress the power to override a president’s decision.

This legislation is an important step towards protecting American jobs and businesses, as well as safeguarding our national security.

Scott has been warning about the dangers of Communist China for years. In a 2020 speech, he declared that we are in a Cold War with China, and that we must take action to protect our way of life.

He has called for a decoupling from China, which would involve reducing our economic dependence on them and working to build stronger relationships with other countries in the region.

It’s clear that Scott is a passionate advocate for putting America first and standing up to our enemies. His leadership on this issue is exactly what we need right now.

We cannot continue to let China take advantage of us and threaten our national security. We need leaders like Scott who are willing to take a strong stand and fight for what’s best for our country.

In conclusion, Republican voters should take note of Senator Rick Scott’s efforts to protect America from the threat posed by Communist China.

His leadership on this issue is critical, and his call to decouple from China is one that we should all take seriously. We cannot afford to be weak in the face of this threat, and we need leaders who are willing to stand up and fight for what’s right.