Republicans Uncover Evidence of Biden Family’s Shady Business Deals

The Biden Administration continues to stonewall Republican efforts to uncover the truth about Hunter Biden’s questionable business dealings. In a blatant attempt to hide the facts, the Treasury Department has rejected a request for reports and documents related to the President’s son.

Instead of complying with the request, Treasury legislative affairs chief Jonathan Davidson sent a letter to the House Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer, demanding more detail on the panel’s reasoning for seeking this “highly sensitive information.”

It’s a disgrace that the Biden Administration thinks the suspicious activities surrounding Hunter Biden, including foreign business deals with entities such as China and Ukraine, are not enough to warrant an investigation. Instead, the Treasury Department is more concerned about hiding the truth and protecting their own interests.

Davidson’s letter did not acknowledge the existence of any reports on the Bidens, but warned that “improper disclosure” of such information could compromise national security.

Comer responded, stating that the Biden Administration’s attempt to hide the truth is alarming and raises serious questions. The committee will not back down and will use its power to get the reports if necessary.

Comer and other Republicans have already uncovered evidence that the finances, credit cards, and bank accounts of Hunter and Joe Biden were commingled. In an interim report released in November, Republicans estimated that the Treasury Department has at least 150 SARs related to financial transactions of Biden family members.

The Committee’s investigation is about protecting the American people and our national security. Comer explained that the Committee is looking into President Biden’s knowledge and role in these shady business dealings to assess whether he has compromised our country’s safety for his own personal gain. The Committee will also examine draft legislation to strengthen federal ethics laws and hold elected officials accountable.

The American people deserve transparency and accountability from their government. It’s time for the Biden Administration to come clean and stop hiding the truth. The Republicans will not rest until the facts are revealed and justice is served.