Republican Senator Exposes Biden’s Dereliction of Duty in Major CNN Interview!

Shocking news has come to light as Republican Senator Marco Rubio levels a major accusation against President Biden. Speaking on the CNN show “State of The Union”, Senator Rubio accused the President of “dereliction of duty” in his handling of China’s spy balloon. The Senator’s accusations come as U.S. officials believe they have spotted a third Chinese spy balloon operating somewhere in the country.

The incident is highly embarrassing for China and has left the communist nation furious with President Biden and the United States. Conservative Brief reported, After the U.S. shot down the spy balloon, China continued to insist that it was a “civilian” balloon and not a spy balloon, as the U.S. claims. China has threatened to respond further and has accused the U.S. of an excessive reaction that violates international conventions.

Despite China’s protests, the Department of Defense reported on its website that the President ordered the takedown of the balloon. The balloon was brought down above U.S. territorial waters, according to Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III, who said it was being used by the PRC to surveil strategic sites in the continental United States.

Senator Rubio’s accusations are a clear indication that Republicans are taking a strong stance against President Biden and his handling of China’s spy balloon. The President’s failure to address the nation and explain his decisions has sparked outrage among Republicans, who are calling for swift action. This is a developing story, and Republicans are likely to call for an investigation into the President’s handling of the spy balloon incident.

The failure of the Biden administration to act swiftly and transparently on this matter is a clear dereliction of duty, and Republicans are demanding answers. The recent discovery of the third Chinese spy balloon only adds to the urgency of the situation, and Republicans are calling for a clear policy on how to handle similar situations moving forward.