RADIO Legend Set to Make WAVES in the 2024 Presidential Race, You Need To See This

Conservative commentator Larry Elder is about to throw his hat into the ring for the 2024 presidential race, and Joe Biden should be worried. Elder, who is known for his commitment to traditional American values and his advocacy for two-parent families, is just the candidate that conservatives have been looking for.

Elder’s campaign will focus on restoring America’s greatness by promoting traditional values and rejecting the leftist agenda that he believes has led to increased crime rates and a breakdown of the family. He has already made significant moves to establish himself in the race, including a visit to early-voting Iowa and the accumulation of $1.7 million in his Elder for America PAC.

But why should Joe Biden be worried? Simply put, Elder represents a threat to the Democrats’ hold on the White House. With his commitment to traditional values and his ability to energize the Republican party, he is just the candidate that conservatives need to defeat Biden in 2024.

Elder has been a vocal critic of Biden’s policies, including his disastrous handling of the border crisis and his efforts to undermine American values. He has also been a staunch defender of free speech, which is under attack from the Democrats’ woke agenda.

As the race for the Republican nomination heats up, Elder is poised to emerge as a strong contender who could unite the party and attract new voters. His commitment to traditional values and his willingness to take a stand on the issues that matter most to Americans make him just the candidate that the Republican party needs in 2024.

So, Joe Biden should be worried. With Larry Elder entering the race, the Democrats’ hold on the White House is in jeopardy. Elder represents a new hope for conservatives and a return to the values that have made America great. Biden should watch out – Elder is coming for him, and he’s not afraid to speak the truth.