President Biden’s Failing Grade: The Truth Behind His Two Years in Office

President Joe Biden’s handling of the economy, border crisis, and crime spike has earned him an “F” grade according to Republicans. Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming stated that the president has let down the American people and that families can’t afford another two years of his failures.

“For two years Joe Biden has waged a war on Wyoming and American energy,” said Barrasso. “He’s driven inflation to a 40-year high and borrowed trillions of dollars to pay off his liberal base.

President Biden caused the worst border crisis in history. As commander in chief, he embarrassed the nation with his deadly surrender to terrorists in Afghanistan.”

Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida also agreed with the president’s failing grade, saying the Democrats’ “success” is America’s failure. “My evaluation of their performance is the same as last year, with a capital F. F for failure, flagrant, feeble, fruitless, and futile,” said Donalds.

“Under this administration, America is more divided, in debt, and in danger due to its reckless handling of the border, out-of-control spending, the dismantling of America’s energy infrastructure, weaponization of our federal government, and constant division based on race and cultural movements.”

Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York also shared that Biden’s presidential record grants him an “F.” “Joe Biden has earned an F for his failed leadership.

Due to two years of his failed policies, every American is paying more for almost everything, and his failure to enforce the law at our southern border is making this humanitarian and fentanyl crisis worse,” said Stefanik.

“This is Biden’s state of crisis, but House Republicans in the new majority are committed to providing a critical check on this administration.”

Since taking office in 2021, inflation hit a 40-year-high of 9% in June and the economy entered into a technical recession, millions of illegal migrants passed through the southern border, the U.S. withdrew its troops from Afghanistan, and fentanyl overdoses became the leading cause of death among young adults, according to U.S. government data analysis.

Republicans are committed to holding Biden accountable for his failures and working to undo the historic damage done by the Democrats in such a short time.