Outrageous! Immigrant Champion of American Values Unjustly Removed from Board of Education

Once again, we are seeing the Democrats in Virginia go to extreme lengths to silence the voices of conservative and traditional Americans.

According to Fox News, In a shocking move, the Virginia Board of Education voted to remove Suparna Dutta, a champion of traditional American values, just one week after she defended the Constitution and spoke out against socialism.

This comes after a heated exchange during a board meeting where Dutta spoke out against the dangerous ideology of socialism.

Dutta, who immigrated to the United States from India, is a mother and advocate for parents’ rights, an immigrant and advocate for Asian American rights, and an engineer and advocate for STEM in education.

Despite her impressive qualifications and commitment to education, Virginia state Sen. Ghazala Hashmi introduced a last-minute amendment to remove Dutta from the Board of Education nominations, which passed on a party-line vote by the Democrats.

Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine’s wife, Anne Holton, said she was “uncomfortable” with the language of the proposed changes to history and social science standards in Virginia public schools that outlines that the “Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are remarkable documents” and that socialism and communism are “incompatible with democracy and individual freedoms.” Holton even went as far as to question the compatibility of socialism with democracy.

But Dutta did not back down, she spoke up and challenged Holton’s viewpoint, saying “I think socialism is just about as bad as communism. It co-opts the important decisions belonging to families and individuals.”

Dutta was labeled a “far-right extremist” by the Democratic Virginia Grassroots Coalition, which started a campaign against her confirmation.

The coalition called her divisive, disruptive and “not qualified” to be a board member, but Dutta denies these false allegations. Dutta previously stated that she would like to see public school curriculums based on “traditional American values.”

Despite the Democrats’ efforts to silence her, Dutta remains thankful to be in America and will continue to fight for education for our children. “Only in America can a common person be heard … and be part of the process,” she said. “And I will continue to fight for education for our children.”

It is time for patriotic Americans to stand up and defend our traditional values and beliefs, especially in the face of the Democrats’ attempts to silence and discredit those who hold these views.

We cannot allow the Democrats to rewrite history and indoctrinate our children with their socialist agenda. We must protect our children’s education and ensure that they are taught the truth about our country and its history.