OUTRAGE: Biden’s “No Comment” on Hawaii Tragedy Sparks Fury, Yet Dems Insist He’s “Nice” – You Have To Read This

As Hawaii faces one of the most devastating fires in recent history, President Biden’s silence has become a subject of controversy. The lack of response from the President has left many Americans feeling abandoned and neglected. Yet, Democratic strategists are quick to defend him, insisting he’s a “”nice person”” and claiming that his words “”don’t matter.””

This defense of Biden’s indifference is deeply disturbing. In a time of crisis, the American people look to their President for leadership, compassion, and action. But instead, they are met with silence.

The assertion that words “”don’t matter”” undermines the essence of leadership. Words inspire, comfort, and guide. In the face of disaster, words can make a difference.

It’s disheartening to see Democratic strategists dismiss the importance of communication and empathy. Their defense of Biden’s silence reveals a troubling lack of concern for the suffering of American citizens.

The President’s failure to acknowledge the Hawaii fire sends a clear message about his priorities and his lack of compassion. If this is what Democrats consider to be the behavior of a “”nice person,”” it raises serious questions about their understanding of leadership and human decency.

Source Fox News