Outrage as Democratic Rep. Mistreats Veteran and Former Staffer

As Democrats continue to push their radical agenda and attack our nation’s values, it’s no surprise that one of their own, Rep. Katie Porter, is being called out for her outrageous treatment of a veteran and former staffer. 

Screenshots of text messages between Porter and Sasha Georgiades, a former Wounded Warrior program fellow, have been shared online, revealing Porter’s shocking behavior towards her own employee.

According to the texts, Porter berated Georgiades for allegedly violating “office protocols” and catching COVID-19. But Porter’s office denies that Georgiades was fired for her illness, claiming that the two had “already mutually agreed on an end date” for Georgiades’ fellowship. 

However, Georgiades tells a different story, alleging that she was “demoted to remote and banned from the office” and that Porter’s treatment of her and other staffers is “not uncommon” in the congresswoman’s office.

In fact, Georgiades claims that Porter has a history of mistreating her employees, saying that the congresswoman “has made multiple staffers cry” and has a “no regard” for their feelings or experiences. 

She even alleges that Porter left her children with staffers while she walked off with the chief of staff during an office hike. It’s clear that Porter values her own interests above those of her constituents and her own staff.

This kind of unacceptable behavior is exactly why we need to vote out Democrats like Porter and stand up for the values that make our country great. 

We can’t allow them to continue to disrespect and mistreat the hardworking Americans who make our nation strong. It’s time to say enough is enough and make sure that Democrats like Porter are held accountable for their actions.