Oops! Obama’s Name Surfaces In Unforeseen Connection, You’ll Be Shocked To Know

During a recent interview with Lou Dobbs on the Great America Show, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) shared an interesting insight into the Biden family’s controversial international business dealings. Comer hinted that former President Barack Obama may have had knowledge of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, engaging in questionable activities during his vice presidency.

Comer’s statement suggests that Obama was well aware of the issues surrounding the Biden family, potentially viewing them as a political liability not just for the country but also for the Democratic Party and his own legacy.

The implications of Obama’s supposed awareness raise questions about his level of endorsement for Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. It’s worth examining whether Obama’s hesitation stemmed from concerns about the ethical implications surrounding the Biden family’s business deals.

Comer also highlighted the possibility of cover-ups during the Obama administration, suggesting that deep state bureaucrats may have been involved. This revelation casts doubt on the transparency and integrity of the previous administration.

As the investigation into the Biden family’s activities intensifies, witnesses have come forward despite facing intimidation and threats from Hunter Biden’s legal team. These courageous individuals deserve recognition for their bravery in shedding light on potential corruption and wrongdoing.

The pursuit of truth and justice continues as Hunter Biden’s lawyers meet with the Department of Justice, potentially facing criminal charges. Additionally, an IRS whistleblower has been granted permission to testify, revealing potential political interference in the investigation of Hunter Biden’s tax affairs.

With each new development, the evidence against the Biden family grows stronger. It is imperative that the American people receive the transparency they deserve, and that those involved in any illicit activities are held accountable.

Source Fox News