Once Thriving Texas City Plagued by Poverty and Desperation Under Democrat Control

The liberal paradise of Austin, Texas is proving to be just as flawed as any other Democrat-run city. Despite their pretentious posturing on gun control, handing out condoms to elementary school children, and promoting a socialist-style guaranteed income program, Austin is still suffering under the Biden economy.

Recently, a video was shared by a local news outlet that showed Austin residents fighting over food thrown in a dumpster at a local H-E-B grocery store. This embarrassing display of desperation and poverty is a direct result of the failed policies of the Democrat Party.

Despite their love for gun control, Austin residents are now resorting to violence over discarded food. They may have been lecturing school children to wear masks and stay home, but they are now scavenging in dumpsters for their next meal. This is the reality of life in a Democrat-run city.

Fox 7 Austin reports that more than 250 people showed up to the H-E-B store after someone posted on social media claiming that there was free food. The police and deputies had to be called to manage the chaotic scene as people fought over the thrown-out groceries. Even more disturbing, the groceries taken from the dumpsters were posted on various “Free in Austin” pages on Facebook.

It is truly sad to see what has become of Austin, once a thriving city in the heart of Texas. The Democrats’ love for big government and their obsession with controlling every aspect of our lives has led to a city plagued by poverty, crime, and desperation.

The constant marching in the streets on May Day in praise of communist mass murderers only further highlights the misguided and dangerous ideology that has taken hold in Austin. This is the true face of the modern Democrat Party and it is a terrifying prospect for the future of our country.

In conclusion, it is time for the people of Austin, and all Americans, to wake up and reject the failed policies of the Democrats. We must elect leaders who will put the needs of the people first, rather than their own political agenda. The recent events at the H-E-B grocery store in Austin serve as a stark reminder of what happens when we allow the Democrats to control our lives and our economy.