Ocasio-Cortez Clashes with Reporter, You’ll Want to Read This Breaking News

Former President Donald Trump and former First Lady Melania Trump reportedly hosted a dinner party at their Mar-a-Lago estate on the day Trump was indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. According to sources, the Trumps were “shocked” by the news of the indictment but carried on with their social schedule nonetheless.

Trump adviser Gina Loudon also commented on the dinner party, stating that the Trumps behaved as though things were normal at the event. She tweeted that the couple was “enveloped in the love of their friends and most loyal” and described the evening as “beautiful.”

While the Trumps’ response to the indictment may have been surprising to some, it’s worth noting that they have been the target of numerous legal battles in recent years.

It remains to be seen how the case against Trump will unfold, but the former president has maintained his innocence and vowed to fight the charges.

Source https://conservativebrief.com/ocasio-cortez-testy-72204/