New Evidence Surfaces in the Unfolding Biden Family Saga

During a House Oversight Committee hearing, Democratic Rep. Dan Goldman accidentally revealed that President Biden had discussed his son Hunter’s foreign business deals.
The hearing featured two IRS whistleblowers who shed light on alleged political influence surrounding the federal probe into Hunter’s activities.
The disclosures raise questions about President Biden’s knowledge and involvement in his son’s business affairs.
Special agent Joseph Ziegler revealed that Hunter received over $17 million from foreign deals, including substantial payments from Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings.


Rep. Goldman’s unintentional disclosure suggests President Biden’s knowledge of Hunter’s business deals.
The whistleblowers’ revelations raise concerns about potential conflicts of interest.
President Biden’s level of involvement in his son’s affairs needs further scrutiny.
Hunter’s foreign business ventures totaled over $17 million, including significant payments from Burisma Holdings.
Transparency and accountability are crucial in examining the Biden family’s financial activities.


These revelations regarding President Biden’s potential involvement in his son’s foreign business deals demand our attention. The American people deserve transparency and honesty from their elected officials. The implications of these disclosures raise concerns about conflicts of interest and the integrity of the Biden family.

It is essential that we continue to investigate these matters to ensure the highest standards of ethical conduct from our leaders. As passionate Republican voters, we must hold our elected officials accountable, irrespective of party lines.

The American public deserves leaders who prioritize the nation’s interests above personal gain. Let us remain vigilant in our pursuit of truth and demand transparency from those who serve us.

Source Fox News