New Controversial Nominee In Biden’s Administration

Republican senators, led by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, are demanding President Joe Biden withdraw the nomination of Acting Labor Secretary Julie Su. Concerns have been raised over Su’s support for burdensome regulations on gig work in California and her memo instructing state employees not to cooperate with ICE officials.

Republicans argue that Su has been evasive and lacking transparency, refusing to provide direct answers. While GOP opposition alone may not be enough to block Su’s nomination, indications suggest she lacks sufficient support from Democrats.

It is crucial to have confidence in the leaders of government agencies, especially the Department of Labor, which affects the workforce and economy. Republicans advocate for a withdrawal of Su’s nomination to ensure a more suitable and qualified candidate is considered.


Republican senators, led by McConnell, are calling for the withdrawal of Acting Labor Secretary Julie Su’s nomination.
Concerns revolve around Su’s support for burdensome gig work regulations in California and her memo instructing non-cooperation with ICE officials.
Republicans criticize Su’s lack of transparency and evasive answers.
Indications suggest insufficient support for Su from Democrats.
The Department of Labor plays a critical role, necessitating a qualified nominee committed to protecting American jobs and supporting small businesses.


The united opposition of Republican senators against Julie Su’s nomination reflects their commitment to accountability and transparency. The concerns raised about Su’s support for burdensome regulations and obstruction of federal law enforcement are valid and deserve thorough consideration.

The Department of Labor requires a nominee who will prioritize American jobs and small businesses, safeguarding the interests of hardworking Americans.

We hope President Biden recognizes the significance of these concerns and withdraws Su’s nomination in favor of a more qualified candidate who will promote economic growth and uphold the principles of our great nation.

Source Fox News