Mind-BLOWING Statement on 2024 Election Race, You’ll Be Shocked To Know What

Hillary Clinton expressed confidence in President Joe Biden’s re-election chances in a recent interview with Sky News. She dismissed the idea that age would hinder Biden’s candidacy, saying that “it should be a matter of what he has done as president.”

Clinton also highlighted the importance of women’s reproductive rights and criticized efforts to limit access to abortion in the United States, calling them a “bad political decision” that will have real-life consequences.

While Clinton’s predictions may be reassuring to Democrats, the reality is that predicting the future of politics is not always accurate. Elections are unpredictable, and Republicans have a history of defying odds. Both parties will need to work hard and strategize if they want to win the presidency in 2024.

Source https://trendingpoliticsnews.com/hillary-clinton-2024-knab/