Liberal Paper LOSES Their Mind And You Won’t Believe The EXCUSE They Make For Biden

President Joe Biden’s plan to forgive student loans faces a potential roadblock as the Supreme Court questions its legality. On Tuesday, the conservative-leaning justices of the Supreme Court expressed skepticism towards the plan during oral arguments.

The Washington Post published an editorial on Wednesday, calling the policy an “expensive and ill-targeted” mistake, and criticized the lack of congressional approval for the $400 billion initiative.

Despite this criticism, the editorial board argued that it would be an overreach for the justices to strike down the policy. The board believes there are limits on when and how the court can exercise its authority, and that this is one of the instances in which the court should recognize those limits.

Biden’s plan to forgive student loans is based on the 2002 Heroes Act, which allows the executive branch to waive or modify student loan provisions in an emergency. Despite criticism of the plan, some believe that the Supreme Court should not interfere with the policy, as the limits of the court’s authority should be respected.