Liberal Cities Suffering Under Democrats’ Failed Immigration Policies

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has declared that the recent surge of migrants in the city is a “real embarrassment” on a national level, claiming that there is “no more room at the inn” in the self-proclaimed sanctuary city.

In an interview with WABC’s “Sid & Friends in the Morning,” Adams stated that the migrant crisis is a “Biden issue” and a “Democrat issue,” calling for a national response to address the issue.

The border has seen record numbers of migrants under President Biden’s administration, with over 2.3 million encounters in FY 2022 and FY 2023 on track to surpass those numbers.

The White House has attempted to defend its policies by citing increased funding for the Department of Homeland Security and enhanced smuggling operations and cooperation with Western Hemisphere countries.

However, the president has also called on Republicans to support extra funding and the passage of a comprehensive immigration reform bill, which includes a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants.

Texas, Arizona, and Florida have all taken action in response to the crisis by transporting migrants to liberal cities and jurisdictions. New York City has taken in over 30,000 migrants, leading Mayor Adams to state that it is impacting “the quality of life in New York.” He also commented that it is “unfair” for local governments to bear the burden of what he called a “national obligation,” stating that “there’s no more room at the inn.”

It is clear that the current migrant crisis is a result of the failed policies of the Biden administration and Democrats. Rather than secure the border and uphold the rule of law, they have chosen to prioritize the interests of illegal immigrants over American citizens.

It is time for the president and Congress to take decisive action to address this crisis and protect the safety and wellbeing of all Americans.