Kamala & The Late Show, The INCREDIBLE Protest That’s Too Breathtaking to Ignore

In my ten years as a conservative writer, I’ve seen my fair share of political blunders. But the Biden-Harris administration has managed to astonish even me with its constant stream of chaos. Kamala Harris’s recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was a prime example of the disorder that has come to define her vice presidency.

While addressing the rumors of being replaced as Biden’s running mate, Harris’s nervous laughter revealed her own uncertainty. Furthermore, her comparison of her time at the White House to the comedy series “Veep” only reinforced the perception that her vice presidency is a farce.

As a concerned conservative, I am alarmed at the prospect of another term with Harris in the White House. It is vital for Republicans to rally together and present a strong alternative to the Biden-Harris administration. America needs a leader who can restore order and confidence, not one who laughs nervously while the nation’s future hangs in the balance.