Kamala Harris’ Scandalous Secret Exposed: The Shocking Truth About Her Disappearance from the Spotlight

In a shocking revelation, The Fox News exposed Vice President Kamala Harris for hiding from the media for a full year following a disastrous interview with NBC News’ Lester Holt in 2021.

The Vice President’s poor performance was a result of her inability to explain the administration’s border security strategy and her infamous joke about not having been to Europe.

Harris’ interview with Holt was a public relations nightmare for the Biden administration, generating widespread backlash and criticism from Republicans. The Vice President’s lackluster performance was so damaging that she went into hiding and avoided interviews for a full year, according to White House officials.

In her interview with Holt, Harris falsely claimed that she and the administration had visited the border, only to be reminded by the anchor that she herself had not been there.

The Vice President tried to deflect criticism by claiming that she had visited Guatemala to address the root causes of migration, but this only served to further infuriate Republicans.

Since her disastrous interview with NBC News, the Vice President has been scarce on the airwaves, appearing on only a handful of television interviews throughout 2022. This lack of media exposure is a clear sign that Harris is afraid of making mistakes and disappointing President Biden.

It’s time for Vice President Harris to step up and face the media head-on. Americans deserve to know what their Vice President is doing and what she stands for. By hiding from the media, Harris is only fueling the perception that she is unable to handle the pressures of her position.

It’s time for the Vice President to show some courage and be held accountable for her actions. The American people deserve transparency and honesty from their elected officials, and it’s up to Kamala Harris to deliver.

In conclusion, Vice President Harris’ avoidance of the media highlights her fear of making mistakes and her inability to handle the pressures of her position. It’s time for her to step up and be held accountable to the American people.

The media must do its job and hold elected officials like Kamala Harris accountable for their actions. The public deserves transparency and honesty from their leaders, and it’s up to Vice President Harris to deliver.