Is This Why No Democrats are Stepping Up for DSCC Chair?”

In a shocking turn of events, no Democrats are stepping up to lead the party’s Senate re-election arm, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), as the 118th Congress begins.

This lack of leadership comes as the 2024 Senate map heavily favors Republicans, causing some strategists to speculate that the slim Democratic majority is feeling uncertain about their chances in the upcoming election.

Jessica Anderson, executive director for Heritage Action, told Fox News that the delay in naming a chair for the DSCC is a reflection of the bleak outlook for Democrats in 2024.

“Conservatives are well positioned for a successful 2024 Senate sweep, so it comes as no surprise that the Democratic establishment is still unable to find someone to lead their efforts to cling to power,” Anderson said. “The Democratic Party is more radical today than ever before with moderates no longer welcome and dangerous leftist policies being advocated.”

Current chairman Sen. Gary Peters, D-Mich., has announced he will not be staying on for another term, leaving the future of the committee in question.

Jose Aristimuño, a Democratic strategist and host of Americano Media, told Fox that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is expected to choose the next chair, but it’s unclear when he will make an announcement.

“I wouldn’t call it a mystery per se as to why the pick is taking so long, but it’s more on the reality that Leader Schumer understands that the landscape for Democrats in 2024 will be tough,” Aristimuño said.

“We are talking about 23 Senate seats that Democrats need to defend. Three are in purely red states while five are swing states. So it’s no wonder that no senator is jumping at the opportunity, especially during a presidential election year.”

Despite the high stakes and lack of eager candidates, Aristimuño pointed out that the position of DSCC chair does hold benefits for whoever is chosen by the caucus.

“It will raise their national profile, expand their network of grassroots donors, and it will build support for any future leadership bids,” he said. “Schumer served as chair of the DSCC in the past, and it has served him well.

In addition, I think it’s fair to say that the same way everyone waited for a red wave that never came in this past cycle, Democrats will do just fine come 2024. But whoever Schumer ends up picking, they will have to hit the ground running. That’s for sure.”