IRS whistleblowers accuse Biden administration of misconduct in Hunter Biden tax probe.

Every House Democrat on the committee responsible for releasing whistleblower testimony in the Hunter Biden tax probe voted to keep the information hidden from the public.
IRS whistleblowers accused the Biden administration of hindering the investigation into President Biden’s son.
Republicans expressed disappointment and accused Democrats of avoiding the damning testimonies.


Lack of Transparency: Democrats’ decision to hide the whistleblower testimonies raises concerns about transparency and fairness in the investigation.
Potential Obstruction: Accusations of the Biden administration obstructing the investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax-related misdemeanors add to the controversy.
Partisan Divide: The party-line vote highlights the divisive nature of this issue, with Democrats protecting Hunter Biden and Republicans pushing for accountability.
Questions of Impartiality: The involvement of 50 government employees who were not interviewed raises doubts about the thoroughness and objectivity of the investigation.
Calls for Accountability: Republican voters demand transparency and justice, emphasizing the need to hold elected officials accountable for their actions.


The decision by House Democrats to conceal whistleblower testimonies in the Hunter Biden tax probe is deeply troubling. It undermines the principles of transparency and fairness that should guide any investigation. The accusations of obstruction and special treatment further complicate the situation.

Republican voters expect their elected officials to prioritize justice over partisan interests. The divide between the two parties on this issue only fuels the public’s skepticism. It is crucial to shed light on the truth and ensure that those in power are held accountable, regardless of their political affiliations.

Only by upholding the principles of transparency and fairness can we restore trust in our government and maintain the integrity of our justice system.

Source Fox News