Intense Political Clashes, You’ll Never Guess The Hidden TRUTH

Joe Biden has been in office for over a year now, and his failures are becoming more and more apparent. From the crisis at the southern border to his disastrous foreign policy decisions, it’s clear that Biden is endangering America and its citizens.

One of Biden’s most egregious failures is his handling of the southern border crisis. His decision to reverse the successful policies of the previous administration has led to a surge in illegal immigration, which is putting our national security at risk.

This surge also poses a public health risk, as many of these individuals are not being properly screened for COVID-19.

Biden’s foreign policy decisions are also putting America in danger. His decision to re-enter the Iran Nuclear Deal is particularly concerning. This deal was a failure the first time around and only served to embolden our enemies.

Now, Biden wants to go back to the same failed policies that made us less safe. This decision puts our allies in the Middle East, like Israel and Saudi Arabia, at risk of being attacked by Iran.

Finally, Biden’s efforts to defund the police and weaken law enforcement agencies are endangering the lives of American citizens. The increase in violent crimes, particularly in major cities, is proof that his policies are failing.

We need a president who will put the safety and security of Americans first.

In conclusion, Biden’s failures are putting America at risk. We need a leader who is willing to make tough decisions and prioritize the safety of our nation and its citizens.