How This Bill Is Fueling ANGER And Frustration Among Americans, You Need To See This

The Democrats are trying to push through a $1.7 trillion bill that will add to the national debt and hurt the American people. Republican Chip Roy is speaking out against this irresponsible behavior, calling on Republicans to unite and fight back against this reckless spending.

Roy has offered several amendments to the bill, none of which were allowed by the Democrats. He believes that the American people are being defrauded by the Democrats, who are hiding the true nature of this bill. Roy is calling on Republicans to stand up for their values and to fight for the American people.

Roy has criticized the 18 Republicans in the Senate who supported the bill, calling them out for their disregard for the American people. He believes that they have betrayed their constituents and are more concerned with their own interests than the well-being of the country.

Republicans must stand up and fight back against this reckless spending and dishonest tactics. We can’t let the Democrats destroy our country with their reckless behavior.