How DOE’s New Data Affects Your Kitchen Appliances

The Biden administration’s gas stove regulations have hit a snag as the Department of Energy (DOE) revised its analysis, showing 30% lower projected savings than initially claimed. Consumers are now expected to save a paltry 9 cents per month under these regulations.


DOE’s original projections were way off, underestimating the efficiency of current cooking products.
The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) calls for reevaluation of stringent standards to protect consumer access to quality gas stoves.
The House has passed the Save Our Gas Stoves Act, aiming to block the DOE from imposing these restrictive regulations.
Even Democrats like Sen. Joe Manchin are supporting efforts to protect kitchen freedom and consumer choice.
Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm continues to push for the regulations, despite widespread criticism.


It’s clear that the Biden administration’s gas stove regulations are nothing more than a smokescreen. They promised substantial savings and environmental benefits, but now we see their claims going up in flames. The DOE’s revised analysis exposes their lack of understanding of the market and the efficiency of existing cooking products.

We need to stand with AHAM and fight for our right to choose the appliances that suit our needs. Thankfully, there are lawmakers like Rep. Debbie Lesko and Sen. Joe Manchin who recognize the importance of preserving consumer choice and freedom in our own kitchens. Let’s keep the pressure on and ensure that the Biden administration doesn’t snuff out our liberty to cook with gas!

Source Fox News