House GOP tracks Hunter Biden’s money to father.

President Biden’s son, Hunter, allegedly engaged in influence peddling, and his father—possibly while serving as vice president—may have benefited financially, according to representatives James Comer and Jim Jordan, who are expected to chair the House Oversight and Judiciary committees next year. They intend to present the evidence they claim they have gathered from whistleblowers.

Comer charged the Biden family with fraud against the United States, tax evasion, breaking many laws, and money laundering during a news conference on Thursday.

Comer characterized the president’s involvement in benefiting his family as “abuse of the greatest order.” “Let me be clear: The new Congress will concentrate its attention on the Joe Biden probe.

Comer stated before the press conference that there has never been “packed together” and that he wanted to “make it very apparent that from this point on, this is no longer the Hunter Biden investigation” with the way he presented the facts. The Joe Biden probe is this.” He referred to Hunter Biden as a “corrupt national security danger” and claimed that his panel had information on his contacts with Ukrainian, Chinese, and Russian authorities.

Comer also wrote letters on Thursday asking for records pertaining to the Biden family’s domestic and international business transactions to the leaders of the National Archives and Records Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Treasury Department.

Additionally, he wrote letters demanding details on the interactions and communications between Georges Bergès, Edward Prewitt, and Eric Schwerin, who are said to have managed and conducted business with the Biden family.

Comer said that the president was informed of Hunter’s “influence peddling” activities, which he defined as influencing foreign governments without first registering as required by law. We believe Joe Biden may have been financially involved in some of Hunter’s shady business dealings, but at the very least, we believe we need to investigate to see if these shady business dealings have compromised this White House, he told NPR, adding that the panel believes “that there’s ample evidence to prove that Joe Biden knew about Hunter’s shady business dealings.”

While Comer’s probe turned up images, emails, and bank records, Biden has publicly claimed that he never met some of his son’s contacts, according to NPR on Wednesday. He asserted that part of the data demonstrates that Hunter and his father’s bank accounts were “co-mingled.” According to Comer, Jordan will demonstrate how whistle blowers provided the FBI and DOJ with information about questionable financial practices but they chose not to conduct any investigations.