Hidden Secrets Of The Upcoming Election: Revealed!

The New York Times/Siena College poll offers valuable insights into the hypothetical 2024 rematch between President Biden and former President Trump. Both candidates are tied at 43% support among registered voters surveyed, but they also face high disapproval numbers, with 54% disapproving of Biden and 55% of Trump.


Trump remains popular among GOP primary voters, securing 54% support, with Ron DeSantis trailing at just 17%.
Trump faces criminal indictments for allegedly retaining classified documents, making him the first president to face federal indictment.
A majority of voters believe Trump has committed serious federal crimes and challenged American democracy.
Biden leads the Democratic primary with 64% support, but half of Democratic voters seek an alternative candidate.
Concerns about Biden’s age persist, with 39% of voters preferring someone else due to his advanced age of 80.


The poll results showcase the uncertainties surrounding both Biden and Trump as potential contenders in 2024. While Trump’s base remains loyal, he faces legal challenges that could affect his political future. Biden enjoys a lead in the Democratic primary, but his age is a significant concern for some voters. As Republicans, we must closely observe the developments and make informed choices for our party’s future success.

Source Fox News