Here Comes A New Scandal, With A Twist You Won’t Believe

“Sen. James Lankford, a Republican senator from Oklahoma, is speaking out about the Biden administration’s neglect of religious liberty. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Lankford highlighted the importance of religious freedom beyond mere worship and expressed concern over the administration’s failure to protect it.

He cited a case where a nurse’s objections to participating in an abortion were ignored, violating her conscience rights. Lankford also emphasized the significance of the abortion issue in the upcoming 2024 presidential election, urging us to reflect on the value we place on every child. As Republican voters, we must stand united in defending religious liberty and supporting Lankford’s efforts to uphold our constitutional rights.


Sen. Lankford emphasizes the broader scope of religious liberty beyond freedom of worship.
The Biden administration is neglecting to protect basic legal protections for religious beliefs.
A nurse’s conscience rights were violated when the administration allowed her to be scheduled for an abortion despite her objections.
Sen. Lankford highlights the importance of the abortion issue in the 2024 presidential election.
Republican voters must support Lankford in defending religious liberty and upholding constitutional rights.


Religious liberty is a fundamental right that must be protected. Sen. Lankford’s dedication to defending this right is commendable, as he highlights the failures of the Biden administration in upholding basic legal protections for religious beliefs. The case of the nurse at the University of Vermont Medical Center serves as a stark example of the administration’s disregard for conscience rights.

Furthermore, Lankford’s emphasis on the abortion issue is crucial, as it forces us to consider the value we place on every child. As Republicans, it is imperative that we support Lankford in his fight for religious liberty and ensure that our constitutional rights are upheld. Let us unite in this important cause and work together to preserve the freedom to practice our faith without fear or coercion.”

SourceĀ Fox News