Hannity’s New Guest Raises Eyebrows On Biden’s Capabilities

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. didn’t hold back during a Fox News Town Hall, where he criticized what he called “bad decisions” from the Biden White House. While acknowledging Biden’s struggles with words, Kennedy expressed genuine concerns about the president’s fitness for the job. He also claimed to be the first person censored by the Biden administration, raising questions about potential selective targeting of political enemies.


Kennedy emphasizes concerns about Biden’s decision-making abilities.
Criticism of the White House’s reluctance to address Biden’s gaffes.
Kennedy denounces policies from the White House as “bad decisions.”
The revelation of censorship claims within the current administration.
A call for Americans to scrutinize decisions made by the White House.

Kennedy’s candid remarks shed light on the serious concerns surrounding President Biden’s leadership. As Republicans, we must remain vigilant and assess whether the decisions coming from the White House truly serve the American people. The alleged censorship of conservative speech raises alarm bells about the state of our First Amendment rights. Let’s stand united in demanding transparency and accountability from our leaders while upholding the values that make America great.

Source Fox News