Guess Who’s Struggling In The White House? You Won’t Believe It!

As Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden gear up for the 2024 campaign, the White House is working to boost Harris’ approval ratings, which have remained in the high 30s. However, with reports of a toxic work environment and a lack of success in her most challenging assignments, Harris faces an uphill battle.

While senior Biden advisor Anita Dunn has tasked White House teams to schedule more events featuring Harris and promoting more popular aspects of the Democratic platform, this may not be enough to sway the American people.

Harris has struggled to work with the Biden team, and many of her staffers have left due to a toxic work environment. Her approval ratings have suffered as a result, and she is not seen as a strong leader on the most important issues facing the country.

While both Biden and Harris have been criticized for their frequent gaffes in public appearances, Americans want results, not empty promises and word salads.

Harris must demonstrate real leadership and make tangible progress on the issues that matter most to the American people if she hopes to turn her approval ratings around in time for 2024.