Guess Who Just Made HEADLINES Again, You Won’t See This Coming!

In yet another example of the Biden family’s sordid history, Hunter Biden’s illegitimate child with an ex-stripper, Lunden Roberts, is in the news again. The case involving child support payments from Hunter Biden to Ms. Roberts was back in court today, and the proceedings were not in Hunter Biden’s favor.

During the hearing, Biden was ordered to appear in person but ignored media questions about his granddaughter, born of his son, and Ms. Roberts.

Roberts’ attorneys refused to comment on certain aspects of the case, including the $20,000-per-month payments Biden’s attorney said during the hearing his client is paying in child support.

The agreement reached in 2020 between the two parents for the child’s paternity and child support payments was reopened when Biden requested to reduce the payments. Roberts’ lawyers filed a motion in December to have the girl’s last name changed to Biden.

Independence County Circuit Judge Holly Meyer set deadlines for attorneys to submit discovery and begin depositions.

Biden was blankly staring ahead and had no interaction with Roberts during the hearing, while Roberts’ family sat behind her.

Hunter Biden’s legal woes are becoming more and more complicated as new information is uncovered, including the contents of his laptop. It’s time for the American people to demand accountability from the Biden family.

Source Fox News