Guess who is stepping up to impeach President Biden?

Representative Lauren Boebert, a passionate Republican lawmaker, has announced her intention to bring articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden through a privileged motion. Boebert argues that Biden’s negligence on the U.S. border has put American lives at risk, allowing a surge of deadly fentanyl and criminal activity while straining the immigration system.

This move will require all House members to vote on the impeachment articles, holding Biden accountable for his actions. Boebert’s decision comes after expressing concerns about Biden’s failure to secure the southern border, a constitutional duty of the President. Other Republican lawmakers have also introduced articles of impeachment, reflecting growing discontent with the administration’s policies.

It is crucial to continue holding elected officials accountable and demanding strong leadership and border security.


Representative Boebert’s articles of impeachment aim to address Biden’s negligence on the U.S. border.
The privileged motion ensures that all House members must vote on impeachment, holding Biden accountable.
Biden’s failure to secure the southern border is a constitutional duty that needs urgent attention.
Other Republican lawmakers have introduced similar articles of impeachment, highlighting growing concerns.
Republican voters must remain engaged and demand effective leadership and border security.


The decision by Representative Lauren Boebert to bring articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden is a courageous step towards accountability and addressing the critical issues at our southern border. Biden’s failure to secure the border and protect American lives cannot go unaddressed. The privileged motion will ensure that all House members go on record and fulfill their duty to the American people.

It is disheartening to witness the devastating consequences of this negligence, from the influx of deadly drugs like fentanyl to the rise in criminal activity and strain on our immigration system. The actions of Boebert and other Republican lawmakers demonstrate a united front in demanding strong leadership and secure borders.

Republican voters must continue to stay informed, engaged, and vocal in holding their elected representatives accountable for their actions. Together, we can work towards a safer, stronger, and more secure America.

Source Fox News