GUESS Which Dem ‘Pulled The Rug Out’ And You’ll be ASTONISHED Why

For passionate Republican voters, the recent clash between House Democrats and President Biden over Washington, D.C.’s criminal code is yet another example of the Democrats’ hypocrisy and their constant struggle for power.

While Democrats claim to champion local governance and D.C. statehood, they are now turning a blind eye to the principle by pushing for sweeping criminal justice reform legislation that undermines the local government’s authority.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries may try to spin it differently on CNN, but the truth is that Democrats are divided, and the president’s flip-flopping only makes things worse.

Biden initially indicated his opposition to the resolution, but then he changed his mind and refused to veto it. This move infuriated House Democrats who feel like the president has abandoned them and the progressive movement.

But the truth is that the Democrats are only concerned with their political agenda, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to push it through.

They claim to put people over politics, but their actions say otherwise. They are more concerned with consolidating power than helping the American people.

While House Democrats may try to put on a united front, the reality is that they are fractured and divided on this issue. They are struggling to maintain control over their caucus, and their infighting is only making things worse. The White House is also feeling the heat, with the press secretary pushing back against Democratic criticism of Biden’s decision.

For Republican voters, this is yet another reason why they cannot trust the Democrats. They are more concerned with pushing their agenda than respecting the authority of local governments. They are more interested in maintaining their grip on power than doing what’s best for the American people.

The recent clash over Washington, D.C.’s criminal code is a sad reminder of the Democrats’ hypocrisy and their constant struggle for power.

It’s time for them to put aside their political agenda and work for the American people. Until they do, they cannot be trusted with the reins of power, and Republicans must remain vigilant in their opposition to their radical agenda.