GUESS What Republican Governor Bill Maher Is PRAISING Now

In a recent interview with CNN, liberal comedian Bill Maher surprised many by offering praise for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Maher commended DeSantis for taking a “targeted” approach that protected the elderly and for keeping beaches open, stating that much of what DeSantis did was smarter than what his critics suggested he should have done.

Maher also noted that DeSantis can be an old-school Republican who takes care of business, but can also be a performance artist who throws red meat to the base when he needs to.

Maher acknowledged that this approach is necessary to have a future in the Republican party, especially if one wants to take on Donald Trump.

Maher’s comments are sure to be well-received by passionate Republican voters who have been supportive of DeSantis’ response to the pandemic.

While Democrats have been critical of DeSantis’ approach, Maher’s praise shows that there is bipartisan support for some of the measures taken by the Florida governor.

As the pandemic continues to impact the country, it remains to be seen how other politicians will handle the crisis.

But for now, it seems that Ron DeSantis has earned the respect of both his supporters and some unlikely admirers.