Geraldo Rivera’s Dire WARNING, You’ll STAND And APPLAUD

Geraldo Rivera, a contributor to Fox News, has caused controversy with a tweet in which he suggests that the country could face turmoil if former President Donald Trump loses the 2024 presidential election. Rivera, who previously supported Trump, warns that Trump’s campaign is a threat to the United States if he loses in 2024.

While this may be a legitimate concern, it is important to remember that the Democrats and their allies in the media have repeatedly lied about Trump and his policies, accused him of being a racist and a fascist, and even attempted to impeach him twice.

Meanwhile, Trump has filed formal paperwork to run for president again in 2024 and is reportedly considering a number of potential running mates, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Greene has been rebranding herself as a politician who can unite the party’s hard-liners and its establishment wing, and has reportedly told sources that her “whole vision is to be vice president.” Bannon has also suggested that she could be a potential running mate for Trump.

Whatever happens in 2024, it is important for us to be vigilant and stand up for our rights and beliefs.